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I'm Not afraid to you tell you the Truth!

Most Coaches may just keep you hooked so you can keep coming back, but my goal is to raise the standard and have you level up. In your life, business, and community! 

I've Got What You Need!

It's not enough to do your best, you must possess: Know-How, Know-Why, and Know-What

Personal and Team Accountability

Self Awareness & Governance 

Effective Communication & Dynamic Engagement

Leadership Development

Executive, People Leader, & Individual Coaching (Mentoring & Developmental)

Professional Development

Root Discovery & Continuous Improvement

Strategic Planning

Lean Manufacturing Practitioner 

Practical Tools: Self Awareness Journal, Goals Workbook & Quarterly Planners 

Safe Vulnerability - accelerated transformational change 


Meet Your Coach!

Joan Baucum-Robinson BSE, MBA, LSSBB

Improvement Guru|Efficiency Artist|Builder|Awareness Jedi Knight|Principal Owner

Coach Joaniebop

Hello! I go by Coach Joaniebop!

I love to equip people to grow into Authentic & Purpose-Filled leaders. It is my privilege & honor to walk alongside others using my passions and gifts to accelerate change! 

I have the innate ability to deep dive situations, dig out the root causes, and devise an action plan for success. I can absorb information, tear it apart, simplify it, then put it back together again for practical application. My credentials include:

  • BSE in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Technology, University of Dayton
  • MBA in Organizational Leadership, Human Resources, Liberty University
  • Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt-Certified, Villanova University
  • Certified & Licensed John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, & Coach
  • Certified Master Enneagram Coach
  • Certified Virtual and Instructor Led Trainer with NetSpeed Learning

  • DEI Certification from University of South Florida Muma College of Business

I have been employed by prestigious companies all over the US in roles such as Lean/Continuous Improvement, Quality, Logistics, Product Development/Commercialization, Engineering, and Project Management. I am an engaging speaker & facilitator; I bring energy and passion to every opportunity given before me. I enjoy coaching, mentoring, teaching and training influential, high potential leaders and professionals. My sphere of personal influence has touched Faith-Based Organizations, Corporations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, local schools, small groups, and individuals alike.


I have personally helped individuals get prepped and implement new business ventures (personal and non-profit), goal planning, personal leadership/responsiblity, and navigating transformative change in organizational culture. I bring accelerated accountability; where forward momentum is inevitable when I am involved. I've developed a recipe for success where every Client benefits. I empower and encourage, as they go hand in hand. I create value that shows up week over week in tangible improvement. I give you real solutions that are sustainable in reaching the results that pay dividends.

I offer Continuous Improvement, Personal Leadership, Self-Awareness, and Actionable Strategies that will propel you into doing Better On Purpose, 


Contact ME today to begin a customizable plan just for YOU!

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