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On Purpose Ministries Mission & Vision

This is NO Audition, I have a mission from God, and it’s to contribute to the Kingdom in the way God has called me to do by

ministering to those on the cusp of change and growth in Christ

I’ve been restored and redeemed and there’s a testimony inside everyone. I want to share with the world, the hope,  that strongholds and bondage within their walk with Christ, can and will be broken and diminished by trusting and having Faith that Works in God! 

I want the Body of Christ to thrive and echo hope in our families, communities, and beyond!

I declare and decree victory over ourselves, marriages, and family, and I am prepared to act! 

How? To equip & empower the Body with the tools to flourish and thrive into fully, surrendered Christ Ambassadors who honor God above all else.

Live Each Year On Purpose

Prepare for the Harvest, the Workers are few

Mindset is everything
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